October 27, 2020

TWU considering the grounding of Qatar Airways

The Transport Workers’ Union of NSW (TWU) is announcing today that the TWU’s NSW Executive will be considering industrial action to ban the servicing, cleaning or refuelling of Qatar Airways planes that fly into Sydney Airport following the actions taken by Qatar Authorities on 2 October.

Richard Olsen, NSW State Secretary of the TWU said, “TWU members are angry at the brutal attack on the human rights of Australian female airline passengers in Qatar on 2 October.”

“TWU members have expressed their outrage and subsequently the TWU is calling on the Qatari Authorities to prosecute those responsible for the terrifying experience these women faced.”

“Qatar and its airline must face up to the fact that there has been a violation of human rights. The TWU has taken on the airline in the past for their gross violation of labour rights. Qatar Airways have continued to ignore the international labour rights of their workforce.”   

“Qatar should fix this problem they have created or they will face the angry uproar from union members in NSW,” Mr Olsen said.

The TWU is appalled by the behaviour allowed by the Qatari Authorities, which has been described by the Australian Federal Government as “grossly disturbing, offensive and (a) concerning set of events”.

Mr Olsen said “What these women were forced to go through at the hands of Qatari Authorities must be labelled for what it is, sexual assault. These women had no choice, they had no guidance as to what was happening, and they did not consent.”

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