June 16, 2020


The Transport Workers’ Union of NSW (TWU) is supporting the move to increase the capacity of passengers on the bus network across NSW, in a Covid safe way.

The Union is asking members of the public for their support in not relaxing their social distancing behaviour when it comes to travelling on the buses.

Richard Olsen, State Secretary, Transport Workers’ Union of NSW said, “With maximum capacity being reached on some route and school services, we are stressing the importance of both Bus Driver and Passenger safety through the maintenance of good hygiene and ongoing commitment to social distancing rules.”

The TWU is asking that the Minister for Transport and Transport for NSW continue to ensure the network is fully protected. NSW is the only State in Australia promoting social distancing on public transport.

The TWU welcomes the provision of extra bus services, and the marshals at major transport hubs.

“For the safety of all who work in and use public transport, we are seeking that those measures extend across the entire Sydney Metropolitan and Outer Metropolitan / Regional network in the State. Drivers right across the state are not to be the enforcers of social distancing rules and for their safety need the support such measures provide,” Mr Olsen said.

The union applauds the work of drivers, private bus operators and Transport for NSW who since the start of the pandemic have worked together with the Union ensuring safety standards are maintained. Cash handling bans, social distancing measures to separate drivers from passengers and the installation of cough / sneeze screens protecting drivers have been amongst the measures put in place.

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