October 29, 2020

Statement from the Branch Committee of Management: Transport Workers’ Union of NSW

The Committee of Management of the Transport Workers’ Union of NSW has met today in Sydney and discussed the issues surrounding the brutal violation of human rights of female passengers at the hands of Qatari Authorities at Doha Airport.

The Committee has released the following statement.

  1. The Branch Committee of Management (BCOM) endorses the statements from TWU NSW State Secretary Richard Olsen regarding the actions of Qatari Authorities on 2 October and the subsequent inaction of the Australian Federal Government. There has been a lapse in the duty of care owed to Australian Citizens from the Qatari Government.
  2. The BCOM condemns the Australian Government for failing in their duty of care through their delayed response to this issue.
  3. The BCOM acknowledge the release of a statement of regret from the Qatari Government and welcome the commitment to an investigation from the Qatari Prime Minister, Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani.
  4. The BCOM will monitor the situation pending the outcome of the Qatari government’s investigation. It places expectations on the Australian and Qatari Governments to be completely transparent when it comes to the full investigation of these human rights violations of the women involved. The BCOM puts the Australian and Qatari Governments on notice regarding possible future action.

* The TWU NSW Branch Committee of Management is comprised of workplace leaders and senior officials, democratically elected from across the transport industry.

Regardless of what occurred at Doha airport, the actions of the Authorities in Qatar provided these women no choice, no guidance on their rights and no chance to consent to the invasive examinations they were subjected to in the back of an Ambulance.

The TWU has spoken out on behalf of these women to ensure their voice is heard.

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