August 8, 2019

Hy-Tec Concrete, Highway Robbery in Regional NSW

At 6:15 this morning Hy-Tec workers on the Mid and North Coasts of NSW walked off the job due to the untenable position offered by the company.

Yesterday, rather than choose to negotiate, Hy-Tec chose to lock workers out of the site.

Hy-Tec has refused to change their offer and local Hy-Tec workers are still not being able to receive pay parity for doing the same job as their Sydney Counterparts.

The TWU and our members are ready and willing  to negotiate and invite Hy-Tec management to the table.

TWU members have been trying to negotiate a new Enterprise Agreement with Hy-Tec since February of 2018. Members have tried to work with the company, revising the list of demands but Hy-Tec continue to choose to deny workers a fairer set of conditions.


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