February 7, 2024


The Transport Workers Union (TWU) has slammed Cleanaway for putting profits above people as the company boasts of an increase in stock price over the last three months. While the company is painting a picture of financial success and market dominance, beneath this veneer of prosperity lies a stark reality of disregard for workers’ rights.

Cleanaway workers across NSW and the country have had to resort to more than 10 days of protected industrial action between them, over the company trying to wind back pay and conditions and introduce grueling rosters. An intractable bargaining case has been launched as negotiations stretch out for more than a year for some workers just trying to maintain their conditions, be paid sustainable rates and have safe, fair rosters.

While investors rejoice in Cleanaway’s soaring profits, the TWU condemns the company’s unethical tactics that come at the expense of its workforce. By exploiting legal loopholes, Cleanaway is trying to retract hard-won bargaining terms, erasing over a year of negotiation progress and undermining the livelihoods and dignity of its employees.

Last year, the TWU awarded Cleanaway the ‘Worst Employer of 2023’ at its Delegates Conference. Not only had they made outrageous attempts to undermine the pay and conditions of workers, but their stalling of negotiations has resulted in over 10 Protected Industrial Actions which have occurred over the past year across NSW, as well as a significant number of safety risks and severe worker shortages.

TWU NSW Branch Secretary Richard Olsen said Cleanaway’s continuation of prioritising profits over people, particularly during this cost-of-living crisis, was shameful.

“This profit-driven approach not only disregards the value of employees but also widens the gap between the wealthy executives and the essential workers who are struggling. Cleanaway’s actions set a dangerous precedent, signalling to other employers that it is acceptable to prioritise corporate profits over safe, fair working conditions.”

“We call on Cleanaway to reverse its hostile approach to bargaining and prioritise the well-being of its workforce. It’s crucial for corporations like Cleanaway to recognize their social responsibility and commit to fair treatment of employees, especially during challenging economic times.”

“Anything less would be a grave injustice to the hardworking individuals who sustain the company’s operations.”

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