Tap on to the campaign for Industry-Wide Opal Cards

Sign our petition to support Opal Cards being given to drivers across the bus industry

Together, we are going to work alongside the newly elected NSW Labor Government to push for bus drivers across the industry to be provided Opal Cards.

Why do we want Opal Cards?

  • Access to station facilities, i.e. bathrooms
  • Supported travel to and from work

Things you can do TODAY:

1. Become a member of the TWU

We need as many bus drivers possible to be in the union to be able to make a case with the NSW Government.

2. Sign our petition for Opal Cards to be delivered industry wide

Show your support for lifting the standards across the bus industry by signing our petition

3. Talk to a work mate about joining the TWU

Again, we will need as many people as we can to join the TWU, to show the NSW Government that Opal Cards are needed as the first step to a bus industry with fair and reasonable standards.


Join the fight. Join your union.

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