April 2, 2020

We are with you all the way

At this unique time in Australian history, I can assure you the TWU is learning for the future because knowledge is important for the future of our industry.

The future for transport workers seems uncertain, but we understand that. As we walk with you today we are learning from what is happening to you so we will continue to support and advance the fight for a safer and fairer transport industry. This is because the work you are involved in is essential to the survival of our people, our way of life, our industry and of the nation we are building for our children and the future.

We are calling on employers and government at all levels to take on their share of the responsibility for your pay, your conditions, your safety and to continue to value the essential nature of your work.

We need them to learn, to commit to strategies that provide for a better future after Coronavirus, in short a flexible way out of this crisis that is not just based on the corporate profit for shareholders or on how much harder you can work for little return.

We have all taken some blows, some members are out of work or finding new jobs and for others the work is increasing as the essential nature of transport is recognised in this time of Coronavirus.

Across all transport sectors, we are looking carefully at contractor / employer responses to Covid-19 as they have a shared responsibility under Work, Health and Safety legislation. You must be protected at work from the ongoing spread of the Coronavirus.

Your TWU officials can still be reached, and continue to look out for your industry. We are also providing officials with the means to remain safe as they continue their work.

The TWU is not closed because we are constantly finding new ways to ensure you can be supported in your yard, in your driver’s cab, on the ground or in the air.

We continue to walk beside you providing a powerful voice for your needs to your employers and the governments. We will work together with every resource we have available to protect your pay, conditions and livelihood. Of course our major resource is you so please continue to talk to us, tell us about what is happening to you in the yard or on the road and where it’s happening, in the air.

So please remain in touch with us, keep your details updated with our Members’ Service Centre so we can contact you with up to date and accurate information.

We know you have many questions, as no one yet knows what the full impact of the Coronavirus pandemic will be. To keep you in the loop we have put together an information sheet that will assist you in your workplace to understand your rights in the time of Coronavirus.

We can all work together to keep our transport industry as safe as possible. Go here to read and download the info sheet for your noticeboard. https://bit.ly/twu-covid19-update

For further information, remain in touch with your Yard Delegates, Health and Safety Reps or TWU Officials or contact our Members’ Service Centre. Call them on 1800 729 909.

Remain in touch through our Facebook page www.facebook.com/TWUNSW or our Website twunsw.org.au

We are also building our online communities, you can join them through the form available on the website at this page https://twunsw.org.au/campaigns/2020-vision/


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