June 11, 2020

TWU Aviation Members took the JobKeeper fight direct to Canberra.

The stories we have heard from TWU members are frightening. One member reports of having drawn down her superannuation and is now using her money she has for rent to buy groceries. She’s on Jobseeker but that just does not provide for her family.

Families are facing a brutal impact, the aviation industry that employs them is being impacted. The promised connection with workplaces and employers through JobKeeper, as talked up by current Federal Government Ministers, is not available for these workers.

It is critical that JobKeeper be supplied to these workers. They have not yet received it because their company is structured in a certain way, where is the fairness in that for Australian workers? Their Government has let them down. All we are asking is for fairness, Prime Minister Morrison, please explain why isn’t that being delivered?



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