September 2, 2020

Toll is selling off assets

TWU members are worried at news about Toll today. The Australian Financial Review shares today that Toll is selling off assets to raise cash as Toll’s owner Japan Post considers selling off all or parts of the company.

Qube has expressed the possibility of purchasing chunks of the company, but want nothing to do with Toll Express, leaving workers including owner-drivers worrying about their future.

AusPost has also been busted in the media today asking non delivery workers to “volunteer” their time and personal vehicles to deliver an excess of parcels, rather than find a proper professional solution.

It is very clear the standards in the industry need lifting, Union Members cannot rely on the major companies to lift the standards. 

Will you take a stand with the TWU to lift industry standards: Companies like Uber freight, Amazon Flex and Australia Post are working to undercut the industry and exploit workers to maintain their company profits. This steals your work away. Stand with us to lock in standards for a fairer industry.

You can join the TWU and join the TWU Fight for $40 facebook group HERE to remain informed