July 9, 2019

The TWU is fighting for a safer and fairer transport industry.

Road Freight NSW (RFNSW) take the opposite view seeing rate rises under the General Carriers Contract Determination (GCCD) as an “unnecessary burden”.  

For owner drivers, fuel costs have increased, tolls have increased, in fact the cost of doing business generally is increasing, yet the rates paid under the GCCD are no longer reflective of those costs. It is harder and harder to fully recover the costs of doing business in the transport industry.

RFNSW and their CEO Simon O’Hara are not worried about this, rather they would see you maintain the same rates as you’ve had for the past two years. The impact on families will be devastating whilst the companies that RFNSW continue to represent, continue to make profit off the hard work that owner drivers do. It appears that the needs of owner drivers simply do not matter to RFNSW. The TWU rejects this view and is seeking fairness for those doing the work. 

Simon O’Hara, CEO of Road Freight NSW does not want rate rises for owner drivers
Simon O’Hara, CEO of Road Freight NSW does not want rate rises for owner drivers

Any increase sought in the GCCD rates is purely an increase that is equal to the increased costs in running vehicles as determined by independent industry standards, and the award rate increases set by the independent umpire, the Fair Work Commission.

Owner drivers working under the GCCD have the right to earn a living without being pushed into bankruptcy. They have the right to be paid for all the work they do and to be safe in their jobs. Costs recovery for owner drivers means bills get paid, properly maintained trucks, support for their families and a safer industry. 

For the last two years, these increased costs have been borne by owner drivers.

For the last two years principal contractors have enjoyed not having to pay these rates. It’s time they take on their fair share of the load to enable owner drivers to at least recover their costs. 

The TWU is seeking a new rate for vehicles under two tonnes.

The TWU on behalf of members is seeking to ensure that those owner drivers are provided with job security and a fair income that enables them to cover the costs.

2020 is coming, the TWU and our members are fighting for safe and fair industry rates, funded by the wealthy companies at the top who can no longer escape the responsibility of their effect on our industry.

A safer and fairer industry is a shared responsibility, Road Freight NSW clearly want none of that, we will continue to oppose their position for our members.


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