December 22, 2021

Winning against the odds

At the TWU, 2021, was a year of change; a year of preparing to secure the future for transport workers. We have won against the odds and have led the way in the transport industry, setting industry standards that create job security, build better pay rates and ensure that the pathway to retirement is now financially secure with many yards on or heading towards a 15% superannuation guarantee. 

After another Pandemic year we know that the vital nature of transport is in front of managers and on the desks of Government. Transport workers are driving businesses forward. 

We will step up our campaigns to one of enforcement across sectors and industries for the building up and maintenance of better standards in transport. Whether it’s at the airport, on the highways, in the cities or in the warehouses, we aim to continue our fight for fairer, safer jobs, right to the doorsteps of the clients at the top of the supply chains and to the doors of parliaments. 

We have taken on the majors and won. We have taken on aviation companies as the sector rebuilds, which means companies like Qantas are in court for their anti-worker actions. We have ensured the regulators are on the job when it comes to safety at work. We are bringing industry standards to the NSW Government to make sure that Bus Drivers are paid fairly across the sector. In buses we are ensuring that fatigue and break rules for the men and women behind the wheel are fair and take into account the job they have to do. 

Governments must focus in 2022 on providing the change transport workers need. They must respect and deal with the financial instability presented by cosy deals with companies like Transurban, that leave small business owner-drivers in debt for 40 years as they are forced to use toll roads. The Federal Government must act now with the report on the Prime Minister’s desk from the Senator Sterle Inquiry on the future of transport. 

The TWU is taking increasing action against companies and Governments that are building their attack on workers, companies like FedEx and Amazon. 

We are taking a stand for workers on the frontline that are coming under attack from NSW Premier Dominic Perrotet. The Premier wants to repeal a section of the Workers’ Compensation Act that means a COVID sick worker will have to go through bureaucratic hoops to prove they contracted the disease at work. It is an awful way to treat people. The Government says it is cheaper but any savings will be tiny compared to the impact on individuals who are already suffering.


In 2022, we will maintain the frontline in fighting back against employer groups, and Governments who are fighting over how far they should go on trying to strip away workers’ rights. The TWU will not allow them to drive conditions for working families into the ground.

This is why it is important that you involve yourself and those in your yard in the fight for all our futures. Help us to maintain the campaigns we have started and build the ones yet to start. 

We need everyone on board to continue the fight for a safer and fairer industry. Tell them why it is important, why they should join the TWU, it is the best way to protect the rights you have at work. 

The TWU is looking forward to 2022 as a year to continue the fight to change things in our industry for the better. 

Richard Olsen,
State Secretary


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