July 18, 2019

Is your yard or workplace ready for the 2020 fight?

Across NSW and the ACT, we must continue the fight for a safer and fairer transport industry.

With the new financial year, a range of agreements for members in major transport yards have come into play. If you are at StarTrack, Toll, Linfox or TNT you will by now have seen changes in your weekly pay packet.

Back in 2017 members stood together to achieve wins in the major yards. Members were represented by delegates from right across the country who were at the negotiating tables staring down managers for a better deal.

This means that across NSW, transport workers are enjoying pay and conditions that are significantly above the rest of the market. It was a great win, however there is still work to be done. 

A significant portion of the transport industry remains in crisis. 

For all TWU members, the year 2020 will be an important time for the lifting of standards in all yards. 

We will be taking our fight to key clients across the transport industry, making them accountable and we’ll ensure every transport sector is part of the one fight for the same pay. 

The pressure by wealthy clients, the economic employers in our industry helps them make profit off the hard work you do. Many companies are still refusing to sit down and talk about how to make their supply chain safer, and in the meantime all levels of government are still sitting on their hands. 

As I have stated before, we have 25 years of evidence which shows us who is creating the pressure at the top of supply chains. Money is being ripped out of this industry and Australians are dying on our roads. 

2020 is your time to be part of a powerful voice that sends a message to those who are trying to avoid their share of the responsibility for a safer and fairer industry.

Is your yard or workplace ready for the 2020 fight? Talk to your Delegate or Official for more information.


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