September 10, 2019

Hope for the future

“Hope for the future” is how delegates have responded after attending our annual Delegates’ Conference held in August.

Our Conference is about recognition and education for all Delegates who every day are providing strong support in yards to better the future of all members. Check out some photos of Conference here.

Delegates tell me that they are encouraged to hear how TWU members are standing together in their workplaces and winning the fight against bosses who want to take conditions away. To quote one delegate, “it’s good to see how others stick it to the boss”. Check out our video of our rally here.

There are changes occurring across the whole transport industry. More casual workers are being employed, full time work is harder to find, a boss somewhere is attacking pay and conditions, wage theft is rampant. The need for a safer and fairer transport industry has never been more urgent. Conference Delegates have now endorsed a plan to fight back and reset the transport industry. They have taken a stand for the 2020 plan – Same Job: Same Pay: Same Fight. 

TWU members resolved that it shouldn’t matter which transport company you work for; if you do the same work, you should get the same pay and conditions. You should get a union rate of pay, with the same safe and fair conditions, like we used to have in the transport industry.

Up next is the client claim. We will be writing to clients demanding they fund union rates in all their contracts. One by one, we will strategically take on clients across the transport industry to bring them to the table to lift standards in their supply chains.


Industry rates:  We demand the undercutting stops. We should get the same pay for doing the same job. We demand that all transport workers get paid an industry rate – a rate equal to the highest paying transport company in our sector.

15% superannuation: To ensure dignity in retirement we demand all transport workers get a minimum of 15% superannuation.

Job security: We demand secure, permanent, directly employed jobs as well as site rates and cost recovery for owner drivers. We demand fair redundancy provisions, full utilisation and maximum 14-day payment periods.

Workplace rights and consultation: To ensure we have a strong voice, we demand fair dispute and consultation provisions as well as union and delegates rights and protections.

Thank you for coming to our Conference, and thank you for being part of the future of the transport industry in NSW.


Join the fight. Join your union.

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