June 21, 2024

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Check out last week’s TWU NSW Enews: Garbos Award, Politicians support, and a FWC Win For Ampol Workers! Plus social media highlights and national news.

Protecting industry tendering regulations

On June 20, a delegation of more than 20 TWU waste delegates descended on the NSW Parliament to award politicians for their efforts in protecting industry tendering regulations. 

In May, the Liberals and Nations tried to pass a disallowance motion. 

This would have meant councils could put waste collection services out to tender without protecting workers’ wages and conditions between contracts.  

Thanks to the following politicians for not allowing that to happen: 

– NSW Premier Chris Minns 
– Deputy Premier Prue Car  
– Treasurer Daniel Mookhey 
– Labors’ Greg Warren, Mark Buttigieg, Ron Hoenig and Sarah Kaine
– The Green Party’s Amanda Cohn 
– The Legalise Cannabis Party’s Jeremy Buckingham 
– The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party’s Mark Banasiak and Robert Borsak 

Our next step is to solidify these protections into law, ensuring waste workers are safeguarded for the future!

Win For Ampol Workers!

The Fair Work Commission has stood with Ampol workers, approving their Protected Action Ballot, despite the company fighting to stop this! 

This is a huge win in our fight for fair pay and conditions, even after 10 meetings where most claims were refused and the proposed agreement was overwhelmingly rejected (64 no to 5 yes). 

Ampol wants to keep workers among the lowest paid in the air industry, arguing it’s “crucial to maintaining contracts.”

This is unacceptable! Workers deserve fair pay for their hard work.

This struggle highlights the urgent need for a Safe and Secure Skies Commission to set standards in aviation and protect our workers.

Aviation Industry Survey

Aviation needs a reset. For years, airport and airline executives have protected their bonuses and hoarded profits – profits made by hardworking people.

TWU members above and below the wing have been fighting hard and winning to lift standards in our enterprise agreements, but there’s a long way to go to rebuild good, secure jobs.

And for that, we need the help of a Safe and Secure Skies Commission.

Whether you work in:

  • ground and baggage handling
  • fleet presentation
  • airline catering
  • security screening
  • refuelling
  • cabin crew
  • pilots
  • or another part of aviation

Your union wants to hear from you.

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Check out last week's TWU NSW Enews: Garbos Award, Politicians support, and a FWC Win For Ampol Workers! Plus social media highlights and national news.

TWU National News

This week in the news, the TWU National office has been get the message out about:

– Bonza pilots offered jobs at Texel Air

– Virgin Australia delaying a vote on an enterprise agreement

– Plummet in standards since Qantas illegal outsourcing shows needs for aviation regulation 

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