July 1, 2024

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Check out last week’s TWU NSW Enews: Protecting Transport Workers From Future Pandemics and Uber Driver Assaulted! Plus social media highlights and national news.

Protecting Transport Workers From Future Pandemics and Uber Driver Assaulted

Three years on from the Covid-19 pandemic, its impact on global and Australian supply chains has eased, yet transport workers continue to face significant health and mental health challenges.

The TWU remains dedicated to safeguarding the wellbeing of transport workers. Beyond physical risks like road accidents, the pandemic underscored the psycho-social hazards they encounter everyday.

A study on infection control and worker health during the pandemic has now been conducted and its recommendations include tailored infection control measures, ongoing training, and collaboration with governments to ensure preparedness for future disruptions.

Transport workers are essential to our supply chain, ensuring continuous delivery of vital goods. Your health is critical, especially during pandemics, to prevent disruptions and support public health.

Looking ahead, our goal is to ensure preparedness and safety, empowering workers to keep Australia moving forward.

READ MORE: https://bigrigs.com.au/2024/06/25/covid-study-releases-findings-for-transport-industry/ 

Uber Driver Assaulted

The Transport Workers Union is appalled by the recent assault and car theft involving an Uber driver who was simply trying to do his job.

We thank the police for their swift action in apprehending the suspect.

This incident highlights the daily dangers faced by Uber drivers while providing essential services.

As TWU NSW/QLD Assistant Secretary Nick McIntosh notes, over 50 percent of gig workers have reported experiencing abusive or threatening behavior while on the job.

Enough is enough!

Aviation Industry Survey

Aviation needs a reset. For years, airport and airline executives have protected their bonuses and hoarded profits – profits made by hardworking people.

TWU members above and below the wing have been fighting hard and winning to lift standards in our enterprise agreements, but there’s a long way to go to rebuild good, secure jobs.

And for that, we need the help of a Safe and Secure Skies Commission.

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Check out last week's TWU NSW Enews: Garbos Award, Politicians support, and a FWC Win For Ampol Workers! Plus social media highlights and national news.

TWU National News

WIN for Armaguard workers!  

In March we called for urgent action from banks, who as clients hold the economic power at the top of the supply chain, to safeguard the cash-in-transit industry. We welcome the news that Armaguard has now secured over $50 million in funding, securing the company and workers’ jobs for at least the next 12 months.

Watch SBS News interview with Emily McMillan, TWU National Assistant Secretary, below:

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