November 12, 2019


We want to send a message to the NSW Government who are planning to get rid of warning signs that have been in front of speed cameras in NSW for years.

The TWU completely oppose the removal of these signs.

Speed camera warning signs are essential; they alert those using our roads that they are in an area that is dangerous, an area that has a history of accidents. The speed camera signage helps road users exercise the caution that keeps you safe in your workplace. 

Removing the speed camera warning signs will simply become a revenue-raising exercise, an exercise which we believe has a high chance of increasing accidents.

The TWU know too well the number of people that lose their lives in our industry each year. We remain frustrated and angry that the main causes for truck-related deaths are still not being addressed by all levels of Government. We lack good, safe legislative policy.

The TWU 2020 campaign is members calling on clients, governments, owners and operators to be accountable for their proper share of responsibility to providing better and safer jobs.

Across NSW, TWU members are walking together, talking about the issues in their yard, how they can be addressed and making a pledge to stand for safer and fairer industry rates and conditions for all workers. 

Is your yard joining the fight? Together, we create a powerful voice for all transport workers. Your yard can commit to the TWU campaign, “Same job, Same Pay, Same Fight.” Together we can lift standards in transport. Have you spoken to your TWU official or delegate yet about how you can play your part in the 2020 campaign.


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