December 23, 2021


An appeal at the Fair Work Commission over an unfair dismissal hearing has again put the major transport company, Toll, in their place, over their treatment of a TWU member.

State Secretary, Richard Olsen told TWU News, “Toll overstepped their bounds, suggesting that an incident that occurred while Steve was fulfilling his role as a union delegate was under Toll’s control. Steve was attending a meeting organised by the TWU and not Toll. He was off work hours, and Toll’s actions have caused nothing but distress to Steve over the past couple years and for no good reason.” 

Toll overstepped the boundaries they have in creating an unfair dismissal. Steve was not notified with a valid reason for his dismissal by Toll. The TWU backed Steve’s case and fought alongside of him against Toll’s overstep in applying their policies incorrectly. 

The Fair Work Commission agreed with the position of the TWU. They found Steve’s dismissal by the Company to be unjust and unethical. 

Toll reinstated Steve back to his role in full capacity.  

Steve told TWU news, “It’s been a long and tough journey since I was terminated. The TWU backed me up all the way for two and a half years and supported me in my time of need. But finally, the outcome has been fruitful and I’m behind the wheel once again. Without the backing of the Union and help of their legal team, this would not have been possible.” 


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