January 24, 2023



In the early hours of Friday 20/01/2023, TWU members at Cleanaway Hillsdale stood their ground as EA negotiations have broken down. Cleanaway have continued their refusal to bargain, and have rejected the majority of what workers are asking for in a new agreement.

One member expressed that they are “sick and tired”, and told “negotiations aren’t going anywhere.” The situation is at the point where Cleanaway refuse to consult with their workers about different changes that take place.

There is a multitude of conditions that have been, and are continuing to be, fought for by the TWU and its members – many of which, in an ideal world, should be considered the bare minimum. For example, pay parity; Workers at Hillsdale do the same work, and are subject to exhausting manual labour, and yet, they are paid less than other Cleanaway yards. One member said; “It just makes no sense whatsoever. We are doing the same job… it is the same company. I don’t understand how they can’t give the same pay as other yards.” The fight for pay parity is in line with the TWU’s vision for same job, same pay.

Additionally, Cleanaway are rejecting Union recognition, a consultation clause in the agreement, and are maintaining a hazy image of what job security is looking like for workers, among other things.

Another example would be dispute resolution. There should be a dispute settlement procedure in place, and Cleanaway are not coming to the table on that front either. This, of course, only further validates the actions that the TWU and its members have taken, and will continue to take, in the pursuit of fair and sustainable standards.

The fight for better conditions at Cleanaway is not exclusive to Hillsdale, but applies to the entire entity at large. The TWU is committed to bringing the fight to Cleanaway, and Assistant State Secretary, Mick Pieri, has made this evident; “This is the first of many, many actions that we’re going to take.”

On Friday 27/01/2023, there will be protected actions taking place at three Cleanaway yards, those being, Hillsdale once more, along with Erskine Park and Mortdale.


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