October 15, 2019


Everyday TWU members face stress at their workplace. If you drive a heavy vehicle, you have to deal with traffic, unrealistic deadlines, safety issues often caused by others, rules and regulations that put the driver at fault for something they don’t control, and the worry that your boss or your client has not left enough in the kitty to be able to maintain the vehicle you are working in. 

That does not happen for everyone in our industry but there are still plenty who are struggling to put food on the table, pay for their kid’s needs, pay for the rent or the mortgage and all the other bills. 

Emergencies occur at work, and when an employer disregards safety it means that sometimes a transport worker does not go home at the end of their shift. 

Transport is one of the deadly industries in Australia, with 165 people killed in truck crashes this year, 44 of them truck drivers. 

Safety risks are caused when transport operators and drivers are forced to take risks because of the financial pressure from major retailers and manufacturers through low cost contracts. This sees trucks not maintained, drivers pushed to their limits, forced to miss rest breaks and drive long hours. 

This week, drivers and supporters around the country are calling on Aldi to ensure that safety is prioritised throughout their supply chains and that the wealthy retailer ends it’s legal action to stop drivers from speaking out on safety.

You can join us in our action this Wednesday 16 October. Meet us at the TWU NSW Branch at 22 John Hines Avenue, Minchinbury at 9:00am.


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