October 23, 2020

Save Qantas Jobs

Together, we’re putting pressure on the Qantas board and Federal and State Governments to stop the unjust outsourcing of 2,500 jobs. We need your help.

Make sure you’re getting behind our campaign:

Make sure you’re getting behind our campaign:

1.       Check out our new campaign website and share it with your co-workers, family and friends: www.saveqantasjobs.com.au

2.       Follow the campaign on Facebook: www.facebook.com/SaveQJobs

3.       Click here to download social media posts you can share onto your Facebook page, don’t forget to tag Qantas and Scott Morrison and use our hashtag #SaveQantasJob

4.       Let us know if you use Twitter as this is a great way to create a storm of collective action that will pressure the Qantas board and Government to Save Qantas Jobs!

It’s up to us to raise the alarm and tell our national carrier, government and any other company that thinks outsourcing good jobs is OK, that we will not stand for it. 


Join the fight. Join your union.

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