June 4, 2020

TWU Survey Results: the effect of Covid-19 on Aviation Workers.

Over 1000 workers from aviation have revealed how COVID-19 is affecting them.

These workers are struggling, which is why the TWU is calling on the

Federal Government to support them with a national plan for the aviation industry.

The Survey reveals shocking information about the effect of the past few months on aviation workers.

  • 70% have been stood down
  • 40% have lost their income completely
  • 67% are worried the will lose their jobs
  • 30% have had to access their super to get by

The TWU wants the Federal Government to hear these shocking statistics and then listen to the stories of aviation workers. Listen to the effect this is having on their kids, their families and themselves.

We are calling on the Federal Government to get off its hands and to address the needs of the aviation industry.

A note to the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison: End of the wall of silence and start getting involved in aviation. The Australian economy and community depends on it.

Aviation survey 1
Financial difficulties
concerns for jobs and the future
Statistic showing 43% or aviation workers say their employers haven't taken appropriate measures against covid 19


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