April 17, 2023

Secretary's Page: STRENGTH IN UNITY

2023 is underway, and the TWU has many plans for the year. Last year, you worked on enforcing agreements and negotiating for strong, safe and secure jobs in workplaces with better pay and conditions. This year, we will continue fighting for the future of the industry. 


The Federal Government has committed to setting enforceable standards in Transport; standards which are due to make the industry safer, fairer and sustainable.

Life saving reform

The TWU is committed to this life-saving reform, and will continue to vocalise the necessity for the reform to be delivered. Transport is Australia’s lifeblood. However, it is also the most dangerous industry in the country. The TWU will continue to bring this to light, and fight to make sure those at the top are held accountable. We will continue to bring the need for reform to employers, contractors, and of course, the Government. 

So far, in 2023, there have been numerous protected industrial actions held by members at Cleanaway Hillsdale who are under the City of Sydney Contract, as well as Cleanaway Erskine Park. These actions were born from Cleanaway management’s consistent attacks on the wages and conditions of their workers. Many of the terms and conditions that workers are fighting for should be standard, and I congratulate them for setting a strong example of union power. 

Claim delivered 

We have delivered a claim on 40 of Australia’s largest retailers, food and beverage manufacturers and agricultural companies including Aldi, Amazon and Apple. The six principles in the claim are aimed to make their supply chain safer, fairer and more sustainable. Our commitment is to ensure that these companies sign up to these principles, and if a fight is necessary, then we will proudly march in unity. This much, we have already done – close to 200 TWU delegates marched together at Aldi Minchinbury in what was part of a broader, national day of action to deliver this claim. 

Members are our strength 

Our union’s strength is credited to our members. It is through your determination and solidarity that we are able to achieve great things, and continue the fight. I would like to thank each and every member, each and every delegate, for their contribution in paving the way for a better industry. Reform is bigger than any one person. 

Many fights were won last year, and I congratulate our membership for those wins. With 2023 shaping itself to be a big year for not just the TWU, but the entire industry, encourage your yard mates to join the TWU if they have not already. Create a conversation, and build strength in your yards. Securing the future of transport is a collective effort. 

Richard Olsen,
TWU Secretary


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