May 10, 2022

Union Power in action.

The TWU continues to secure the future for all transport workers. This is union power in action. With their own profit in mind, the clients, the transport industry bosses at the top of the supply chain will always attack the rates of workers, pushing them towards B-rates, little or no job security and outsourcing their work.

For the TWU it is imperative we secure the rights of workers, the TWU is taking active steps in doing so by holding companies to account. 

I hear from long-distance line haul drivers their concerns over the quality of drivers being let in the industry. The serious shortage of labour and the hiring of underqualified staff, is putting the entire industry at risk. There are low barriers of entry into the industry, which adds to the problem. 

Those at the top of the supply chain must understand, the onus is on them to ensure that good, qualified workers are fairly remunerated right across the supply chain. They cannot cut down on their costs by hiring low cost, unskilled, unqualified drivers and just hope for a safer industry.  

Safety comes with a price. It comes with the price of using trained professionals and properly remunerated drivers with well-maintained vehicles. The TWU is fighting to make the bosses accountable for your safety.

At the TWU, we are building Union power. At the end of the first quarter of 2022, delegates from major transport yards were given guidance and training on the enforcement of Agreements won last year. 

Our bus delegates are negotiating Agreements and are ready for a battle. The bus industry members have been under attack for many years with Transit Systems drivers up against pay disparity due to the privatisation of buses in NSW. It should not matter what region you drive for; it should not even matter what company you drive for, the TWU’s fight for ‘Same Job – Same Pay’ continues in these negotiations seeking fairness in rates of pay and entitlements.  

The TWU is always ready to back up members, coming together as one we show the power of Union.  

Tony Matthews,
TWU President


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