April 17, 2023


Welcome to 2023! Last year was a big one for the union – from our Canberra convoy that focused on life-saving reform, to the first physical Delegates Conference since 2019, and everything in between. 

Members fought hard to enforce agreements and negotiate towards safe and secure jobs. Your collective effort is building the transport industry of the future. 

In 2023, the TWU continues to fight for the future of the transport industry. Those at the top; the clients and the bosses – they are always launching attacks on the workers. These attacks assault their rates, job security, and even include outsourcing their work. For the TWU, the priority is to make sure those at the top are held accountable.

The TWU marches towards that end with great displays of pure union power. In 2023, though still early at this time, the TWU has seen many developments that are shaking the landscape. Scott’s Refrigerated Transport has collapsed, and Cleanaway continue to bully their workers. Our waste workers struggled in the pandemic, but still worked to make sure the community was taken care of. They deserve better than this, and their efforts have demonstrated that they refuse to be pushed around by management. 

From numerous protected industrial actions at Cleanaway, to a nationwide campaign against Aldi that saw some near 200 TWU delegates here, in NSW, walking together and standing strong in the wake of Scott’s collapse – members have already brought on the fight in the first few months of the year.

We will continue to build power, as the year is still young, and there is much more to come. That said, I see the future is in good hands. It’s great to see our determined delegates building power in their yards. The passion and drive that I see in the delegates of today is an inspiration, and I am proud to stand alongside them. 

You are more powerful than you realise. This year, we will continue fighting for the much needed transport reform that will see fair, safe and sustainable standards for the industry. Tell those in your yards who are not yet members why it is so important to be with the union. There is strength in numbers, and the more members there are, the louder our collective voice will be. Securing the future for transport workers is a collective effort, and I look forward to standing with you for yet another action-packed year.

Tony Matthews,
TWU President


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