January 15, 2024

PRESIDENT'S PAGE: Together we win

Together we have achieved great things, and 2024 will only be better.

I could not start my final message for 2023 without first thanking and applauding you for all your hard work this year. Each and every member has put in the hard-yards, whether that meant fighting the good fight in your own yard, supporting your fellow members as they fought in theirs, or recruiting new members to help strengthen our union and what we can achieve.

Membership has increased again this year, and we proudly and warmly welcome more to the fold. If you are a new member, I would like to extend our warmest wishes and thank you for believing in us as we move into our next chapter. As you march with us, we are sure to reach even greater heights in 2024.

TWU health and safety representatives (HSRs) and delegates continue to take up valuable training towards making their yards safer and fairer. When management gets out of line, it is your strength that pulls them back in. I am proud to see the progress that you have made, and am excited to see what else you will all achieve in the future.

Management’s bottom line is the dollar, which in many cases cuts in on your rates and safety. Our industry training provided at the TWU for you in your workplace helps you maintain the fight against the injustices that occur. 

The TWU has delegates all across Australia in various industries and the numbers keep on growing. I look back at my journey when I started out with the union a new member. I knew I had to be a part of this community that is a lot bigger than just myself. It is about unity and coming together with your fellow workers and standing up for workers’ rights. 

As we head into the major rounds of bargaining with Fedex and StarTrack in 2024, I look forward to standing alongside you as we fight to lift industry standards across the country.

May this festive season be bright for you and your family as we look forward to the New Year together.


Join the fight. Join your union.

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