May 10, 2022

From Richard Olsen.
Securing the future.

As the year progresses it remains perfectly clear there are many that want to maintain the attack on Transport Workers both at a Government and an employer level.

We call on governments, who must focus on providing the change Transport Workers need. The Federal Government’s indifference on fuel costs and the NSW Government’s indifference when it comes to the financial impact of Transurban toll roads is shameful. 

We are proud as a Union to be able to provide practical solutions for members. Drivers are tired of being the punching bag for fuel costs, this is why the TWU went to the Industrial Relations Commission and won an increase to the rates paid under the General Carriers Contract Determination in NSW. This will provide some relief to Owner-Drivers in terms of your cost recovery on fuel. The TWU took this action in the IRC to protect small businesses in the transport industry operated by Owner-Drivers. We know that contracts are generally not changing to meet higher fuel costs.

In terms of actions, the NSW Government has heard the voices of angry bus drivers who took their same job, same pay message and the need for industry wide standards to the steps of the NSW Parliament. The angry and belligerent response of Transport Minister, David Elliott who disowned any responsibility for the safety of bus drivers has left members angry. The fight continues and Mr Elliot had best be aware, the TWU will be back if he cannot take on the issues that bus drivers need dealt with in NSW.

We have taken on the Concrete Industry through Hanson, and won new agreements, we have stood on the grass at Cleanaway as we take on one of the bullies in the Waste Industry, we are fighting for better pay and conditions in Enterprise Agreements right across NSW and the ACT.

Transport Workers, who are integral to moving businesses forward have fought as one, against Covid, wealthy clients and in our major yards against operators like FedEx, StarTrack, Toll and Global Express who threatened job security, pay and conditions. Transport workers took a stand to secure their future against those paving the way for under cutting of the market, like Amazon. Transport Workers last year secured wages and conditions that carry this industry forward. 

Now it is time to enforce, time to ensure that the protections we have won are not undermined. You, wherever you work, can be a part of that future and play a crucial role with the backing of the union. Most importantly, we need you to speak to non-members about joining your union. This builds union strength and power where we need it to secure your future. 

Richard Olsen
State Secretary


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