March 29, 2023

Bringing the fight to Parliament: Transport Reform Now!

Many of our members have pledged to take action to call on Federal Parliament to pass lifesaving transport reform when it is tabled later this year.

This month, we served a claim on the 40 top retailers, manufacturers and agricultural companies to lift standards in their supply chains. We marched on Aldi stores across the country to take responsibility for safety and fairness in transport.

And now, we’re taking the fight directly to Canberra.

This week, a delegation of TWU members will be meeting politicians at Parliament House to share their stories and call for regulated standards to make transport safer, fairer and more sustainable.

We have employee truckies and owner drivers, as well as gig workers including rideshare and food delivery riders. We are also joined by Yavuz Cikar, the uncle of a food delivery rider tragically killed in 2020.

And it is not only workers in our delegation. After years of Safe Rates campaigning from TWU members, we have employers, employer associations and industry groups joining us to call for regulation.

That’s because transport is in crisis, and we must make sure Parliamentarians fix it.

We will be talking about the collapse of Scott’s and Rivet. We will be talking about the 60 people and 17 truck drivers killed so far this year in truck crashes. We will be talking about deadly pressures on workers and operators, while wealthy clients reap enormous profits.

This is just the start.  

More action is coming and among them, we plan to carry out a Convoy in June.

We look forward to seeing you all there.


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