January 15, 2024

SECRETARY'S PAGE: A Year of change

This year was a year of significant change – a year that has set the standard for what we can achieve in unity. We won against Qantas again and again, and Alan Joyce is finally gone. We have paved the path for better industry standards through our Majors bargaining. We have continued to fight for our essential waste workers at Cleanaway, against the attacks the company have launched on workers across the nation.

We kicked Dominic Perrottet out and the new government have finally opened the door and let us have a seat at the table. We have been fighting to improve the bus industry, and fighting against the rorts that companies like Transurban continue to push onto everyday working people.

But none of this could have happened without you. Our members are strong, and our membership continues to grow across the industry. It is because of your strength – your unity, that we are able to fight giant corporates, and win. 

We stood together with Theo, who won. We stood together in our Majors fight, and won. We will continue to win, because of you. We keep making sure that the regulators are on the job when it comes to safety. We are constantly working to lift industry standards, and increase our fight against supply chain corporates, like Aldi and Amazon. 

We are continuing to fight – for you and alongside you.

In 2024, we enter our bargaining with FedEx and StarTrack. We must continue to grow out membership and our influence across the industry, to ensure that not only can we get good deals at these yards, but so we can also lift the floor across transport.

Transport workers are still being killed at unacceptable rates on our roads. We have continued the fight for Transport Reform, which was disgracefully delayed in Parliament by Peter Dutton and Michaelia Cash. This is not good enough. The bill will be voted on by politicians in the new year. This vote is about choosing between working people and big businesses.

We need everyone in transport to be union, so that we can continue the fight for safer, fairer transport. Tell your workmates to join, get active in your yard and help lead the campaign.

Thank you for your support over the past year, and I look forward to seeing you in 2024.


Join the fight. Join your union.

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