Join the TWU Canberra Convoy on 30 July

We know our industry is being destroyed by undercutting and unfair competition.

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Companies at the top of the supply chain continue to make huge profits and they squeeze margins more and more for transport operators which hurts all transport workers – whether you’re an employee, owner driver or fleet operator.

With the change of Federal Government, we have an opportunity to finally secure fair legislation for the Australian transport industry. We have the chance to win a system that introduces an independent body that:

·         Can set fair standards 

·         Hold clients to account to ensure fairer and safer contracts 

·         Ensure payments are made on time 

·         Protects the rights of all drivers (owner and employee) 

·         Ensure the voices of all drivers are heard

Whether you are an owner driver, work for a small fleet or the largest transport company, whether you run a few trucks or run a big operator, these laws matter to you.

We won’t win these desperately needed changes without fighting for them. The new Albanese Government has made commitments, but we need to make sure these reforms are at the top of their list to make them a reality. 

Join our convoy on 30 July to make our voices are heard and we achieve a fair system that protects all transport workers.

TWU 2022 Canberra Convoy:

Location: 1246 Federal Highway Service Road, Sutton NSW 2620

9:30am, Saturday 30 July 2022



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