June 4, 2019

Convoy for Safe Rates

It was a sunny Sydney morning, Sunday 31 March, when the TWU Convoy for Safe Rates converged on the City.

200-plus trucks, vans, cars and buses arrived at Macquarie Street from three strategic starting points, our new union home in Minchinbury, Port Botany and Lane Cove. We were a force to be reckoned with!

And yes, we messed up the city and traffic on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We made sure the message was loud and clear, we need urgent action.

Some great images of the day

The transport industry is in crisis. It’s Australia’s deadliest industry with the highest rates of financial stress and a higher risk of mental health issues.

Over 530 people have died on the roads since the dismantling of the tribunal by the (then) Turnbull government so some traffic chaos is a small price to pay.

We will not stop the fight for a safer and fairer industry for transport workers in every workplace for every day, every shift and every worker.

Safe Rates – lives depend on it.

Why I took part in Convoy

When costs are unrecoverable you are in a position of dire straits. We have to fight for Safe Rates, put the pressure on governments and corporates to come back to the table.

Tony Matthews

Safe rates means doing our jobs safely and doing it without any stress. We are really trying to make a difference and improve our industry for the future.

Jason Larfield

Not all of the industry is paid well. Some bosses don’t have the money to pay their drivers right or maintain their vehicles. Government needs to provide good legislation.

John Waltis

The industry needs to be an even playing field with a fair and reasonable income coming into households. We have the opportunity to make the industry safer.

Steve Newton


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