July 23, 2019

Things have got to change!

Things have got to change, in your yard, in all yards with transport workers across the state. Whether you work in buses, aviation, couriers, trucks or cash in transit you are part of a system that needs to change. Insecure jobs are on the rise and wage theft is rampant. People are dying on our roads.

In the meantime – people are doing the same job for different rates of pay and different conditions. 

The transport industry is splintered and change must come from within. Your union has a plan that involves transport workers from every sector of the industry coming together to fight as one.

Wealthy companies at the top of supply chains are making big profits by cutting costs in transport. We want to turn this around.

In 2020, over 200 transport enterprise agreements across aviation and road transport will come to an end at the same time. These agreements cover 38,000 transport workers across the country. 

We can make a better transport industry for you and your family. 

TWU members across NSW are joining together, talking about the issues in their yard, how they can be addressed and pledging to stand together to demand safer and fairer industry rates and conditions for all workers. 

Is your yard joining the fight? What questions are you needing to ask to have your managers support their transport workers? 

Together, we create a powerful voice for all transport workers. 

Together we have a powerful tool to make transport a better industry. 

It means we can take mass industrial action to demand better, safer jobs. It means we can hold wealthy companies to account for the quality of jobs in their supply chain.

Your yard can commit to the TWU campaign, “Same job, Same Pay, Same Fight.”

Together we can lift standards in transport. 

Have you spoken to your TWU official or delegate yet?


Join the fight. Join your union.

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