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If you are a TWU Delegate, Co-Delegate or HSR in NSW or the ACT, save the date! The TWU Delegates Conference is on again, 25 and 26 of August at Wests HQ.

Speak to your Official for more information. The TWU will send out registration links and more information soon. Our Time is Now.

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“As Australians we stick together with our mates – that’s why I’m union.”

Dylan, Waste Services

“With the union at my back, I’ve been able to stand up to discrimination in the workplace and negotiate for decent wages.”

Margaret, Road Transport

“Being in the union means we are represented by an experienced voice in the bus industry which gives us the power together to create change in our workplaces.”

Marta, Buses

"We all need to understand that you don’t get anywhere by acting individually and that we need to be united and organised."

Theo, Aviation


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