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Things have got to change. Wealthy companies at the top of supply chains are making big profits by cutting costs in transport. This means jobs are being downgraded. Insecure jobs are on the rise and wage theft is rampant. People are dying on our roads.

We have a plan to turn this around. It involves transport workers from every sector of the industry coming together to fight as one.

In 2020, over 200 transport enterprise agreements across aviation and road transport will come to an end at the same time. These agreements cover 38,000 transport workers at the airports and on the roads.

Same job/same pay?
It shouldn’t matter which transport company you work for. If you do the same work, you should get the same pay and conditions. You should get a union rate of pay, with safe and fair conditions.

Same fight.
Without trucks, Australia stops. We have to use our power and work together across all parts of transport to fight for this change in 2020. We have fought to align hundreds of EAs in 2020. They will all be bargaining at the same time, making the same claim to lift standards.

Clients need to pay up.
For the first time we will be writing to clients across all sectors (retail, government, oil fuel and gas, manufacturing, banking etc) and demanding they fund union rates in all their contracts. We can’t take them on all at once, but one by one we will strategically take on key clients and sectors to bring them to the table to lift standards in their supply chains.

Be part of the fight.

We want each site across Australia to become involved. We want volunteers to join sector committees and have a say in what the claim for union pay and conditions looks like in your sector. We want change, so let’s make it happen.

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Members are taking our 2020 pledge!

Stand together across every transport sector of Australia in one united fight and demand:
• Safe and Fair industry rates and conditions for all workers;
• Funded by our clients.

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